Buy this book: THE RIDER by Tim Krabbé

This brief review will appear at Amazon once they’re done processing it. The book is available as both Kindle and hard copy. Click the graphic to visit its Amazon page.

Though I’m not a racer, I’m a randonneur (ultra-long-distance cyclist) and novelist, and I can’t see a way this book could be improved.

And though I haven’t made a point of exhaustive reading about cycling, what I’ve read generally seems to have been written by riders with a good command of language. THE RIDER is in a different category. Its first-person voice is that of a top-shelf novelist in complete command of his art, exploiting a deep and complete knowledge of his subject that can only come from experience and a true love of the race, not from even the most rigorous research.

I can’t think of a book in that genre that more deserves to be a classic. THE RIDER is intelligent, sharp, tough, and visceral. Get it.

(Yeah, I know this is a really short post. I was busy in 2010.)


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One response to “Buy this book: THE RIDER by Tim Krabbé

  1. Since the Amazon page copy and most of the other reviews contain synopses, I didn’t bother. You can read that stuff there.

    Main point: It’s a really good book.

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