Scoring Rubies

New project: I’m going to be scoring two Diamond Ruby short films for use in promoting Joe Wallace’s novel of the same name.

From Publishers Weekly:

In 1923, 18-year-old New Yorker Ruby Lee Thomas is forced to raise her two small nieces, Amanda and Allie, after the 1918 Spanish influenza devastates her family. Blessed (or cursed) with elongated arms that make for blazing fastballs, the southpaw is hired by the Fantasyland Circus Sideshow as Diamond Ruby. The Jewish pitcher draws the violent attention of the Klan, but also the admiration of Babe Ruth (a pitcher early in his career), who teaches her a few new throws, and boxing champion Jack Dempsey. The Brooklyn Typhoons eventually sign Ruby to pitch, where her amazing feats stir trouble with a charismatic gangster angling to fix her games; subsequent clashes and close calls with Prohibition-era hoodlums generate as much drama as her distinctive baseball prowess. Sharply sketched, convincing historical characters like Ruth and Dempsey add to the considerable appeal of Wallace’s gritty but fun period baseball tale.

I’ve known Joe for a long time—since he was an established nonfiction writer and I was a newbie novelist—and we’ve collaborated before, when I set a couple of his short story readings to music.

He’s been going all-out promoting Diamond Ruby on Twitter and at his personal appearances, and he produced a book trailer for it, as well:

His first print run sold out, and now the same team that created that trailer is producing a couple of Diamond Ruby short films as part of the continued promotional effort. These, they decided, need full scores, not just public-domain archive music. Joe asked me to talk with them, so I sent them a hello and a link to Credo:

They got back to me and said they’d like me to do the films, so I’ll be spending the next week playing around with some orchestral sketches based on the old-time music track in the book trailer.

I’m looking forward to it, not only because I like Joe and I think this will be fun, but because I’m going to use the same orchestral palette I set up for Credo, which I really loved working with. I’ll share some of the process and maybe post some audio samples if anything seems interesting enough to warrant your attention.

And as long as I’m posting my film music… enjoy:



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2 responses to “Scoring Rubies

  1. The Other Larry

    Thank G-d. A musical project. Have fun, Keith.

  2. I’m tweaking and modernizing my orchestral setup while I’m at it. Possibilities for Keith and Larry…

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