Music in progress: A cue for DIAMOND RUBY

UPDATED NOVEMBER 4, 2010: Here’s the “medium-fine” second mix of the score:

You’ll get more out of this post if you put your earbuds in.

The director and client approved the rough sketch I sent them and had a couple of notes. Yesterday I replaced the cheesy synthy sounds in the sketch with much better ones and started working on more than just broad outlines.

Here’s the cheese version:

Now that’s-a nutty cheese-a-ball!

On this little film (it’s about a minute and a half) I’m pretty much sticking with strings, so after taking care of some software updates that let me ditch the synthy junk and get back to the same setup I used for Credo, I started playing with ways to augment a string orchestra without mucking it all up with brass and woodwinds. I just don’t like horns in this, at least not at this point. Maybe if there’s a build at the end.

I really like how Chinese tam-tams sound—part gong, part cymbal, tonal or atonal depending on how they’re played, and nicely mysterious:

I love temple bowls, too, but they’re too exotic and specific for this track. Some other project, I hope.

Good sounds, the addition of percussion, and a day of work, and here’s how it stands now:

Done? Oh god no. But now the medium strokes are in. Fine strokes still have to happen; relative note volumes and dynamics are rough, keyswitching (switching between variations of a sampled sound) isn’t happening much, some of the note heads and tails are choppy and mechanical, there are orchestration ideas I haven’t had yet, and so on, but it’s much more refined than what I had Monday.

And even the broad outlines can still change, so it’s possible I’ll be back to coming up with basic ideas in a day.

If all goes as planned, music for the whole thing should be at a medium-fine stage within a few days, and the film should be on the Internet, chasing down paying customers for DIAMOND RUBY within the month.



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7 responses to “Music in progress: A cue for DIAMOND RUBY

  1. Tara

    Another cool project. I do like version #2 better ;-). Anderson (my 14-year-old) has begun to write his own music – even at his age, he is so much more capable than me. I cannot create something entirely from nothing (music, a novel, a sculpture) – but I have a good ear and a good eye. I guess that’s something.

  2. The Other Larry

    You got something here, Keithy. Is it “y” or “ie”? I love how you share your process. And to be on the inside with this 1.5 minute musical project is cool. And it’s good, so it won’t be uncomfortable the next time we see each other. Thanks. (Are Replies always about the Replier or is it me?)

  3. It’s good it won’t be uncomfortable, because I have plans for you…

  4. Joe

    Wow, I’m loving watching (listening to) this take shape….

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