Five-star review for THE NIGHT MEN

THE NIGHT MENThe hardcover had its share of raves when it came out—including “one of the best” of the year from The Washington Post and “highly original” from Publishers Weekly, not to mention “frequently funny, and at times surprisingly moving” from Kirkus (who usually hate everything)—but the first reader review of the Kindle version of The Night Men is up on Amazon, and it’s good!

Snyder really tells three stories here, and interweaves them with lyrical brilliance. We see the modern Jason Keltner deal with solving a mystery in his usual Gentlyesque fashion, but at the same time we get both a formative story from his childhood and excerpts from a fictional early 20th century hardboiled detective novel. … accurately evokes that peculiar sense of teenage loneliness and camaraderie that so many of us carry into our adult lives; it would be hard not to empathize with fifteen-year-old Jason as he is suddenly and harshly rejected by his closest friend. An innovative and insightful read.

Thanks, Mcgorgomagan!

Read the rest of the review and buy the book (that’s not a rhetorical suggestion; seriously, click the button) here. I have it on good authority that it’s worth the $2.99.


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