Marching Leafs

Marching Leafs

Boy on right : Introductory plaint and decree, main vocal
Boy on left : Backing vocal, interjections, outbursts

Vocals recorded on iPhone on the way to school,
south on Broadway between Dyckman and Ellwood.

Best in headphones.


Marching Leafs



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8 responses to “Marching Leafs

  1. Tara

    Sorry, Keith – wouldn’t load for me. Looks like fun though. Wasn’t recorded today, was it? The Jewish mother in me is thinking, “What?! No gloves? No hats?! In this weather?!” :-)
    So glad their bday party worked out. Whew.

  2. Uh oh–loads fine here. What do you see happening?

    No, it was recorded a few weeks ago, around the same time the picture was taken. No gloves today, but they put one hand in a jacket pocket and the other up my parka sleeve. We look like paper dolls walking.

  3. The Other Larry

    Ominous undertones, but everything’s OK in the end. The new generation of improv opera singers clearly employs the traditional song forms and yet incorporates unique elements that refresh the style.

  4. Tara

    Got it now – I was too impatient for it to load I think. It was great background music for the nature drama that I am watching outside my office window (a bonus for having moved out here – a beautiful view). There are a few dozen birds (chickadees, titmice, blue jays, redheaded woodpeckers, white throated sparrows, cardinals, downey woodpeckers, juncos, plus the squirrels) – all vying for the food I set out for them on the deck. They put on quite a show – it’s quite distracting and I often get nothing done.

  5. Marcella

    I finally took the time to listen to this. Very nice, Keith. Lucky boys.

  6. Finally got a chance to listen on headphones. wow. very nice.

  7. Gordon Atkinson

    Late commenter. But I listened to this when it first came out.

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