Sticker reward charts

I posted this on Facebook earlier this evening and a couple of parents asked about getting copies.

(Click on it to see it bigger.)

I’ve taken out the Snyder-specific details to create a generic version. You can download it here.

The PDF also includes one vertical and one horizontal sticker chart. We use little round smiley stickers we got somewhere. Have the kid write minor rewards in the smaller ovals (pizza, reading time with a parent, etc.) and one big one at the end (typical bigger rewards here have been a toy under $10, a movie, and a bag of marbles) and march toward them with the stickers, starting bottom left and ending up at the big reward at top right.

Everything’s black and white, letter-sized. Should last about a month. You know, depending.



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4 responses to “Sticker reward charts

  1. The Other Larry

    This sticker chart has the middle-aged, childless gay man seal of approval and is up for an award.

  2. Gordon Atkinson

    20 stickers for you! Love it.

    Jeanene and I used to come up with stuff like this. Our problem was sticking to anything. Everyone would get excited, the kids included. And then we’d run out of stickers and the chart would be neglected, etc.


    But maybe things like this are only meant to last for a short time. About the time the idea gets old, the kids need other kinds of motivation anyway.

  3. This is version 2 of the sticker charts. We’re running maybe three rewards behind on version 1, which dropped out of usage from parental overload about a month ago. The boys reminded me last week, and yesterday’s freelance day gig ended early, so I had both the brain and the time.

    Unfortunately, it’s now too far into winter for one of the big rewards from the version 1 charts, which is a visit to the pump track I heard about at Highbridge Park, up here at the top of Manhattan:

    12 inches of snow doesn’t seem like quite the moment for it.

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