Downtown to go Uptown

Two guys were playing congas on the E train platform at Lexington/53rd
after I got off a freelance day gig.

I hope I run into them some time when I have a CD to hand them.

Recorded on iPhone.

Best in headphones.



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10 responses to “Downtown to go Uptown

  1. Nice! Glad you got 44.1 recording to work :-)

  2. Lauri Hart


  3. Gordon Atkinson

    Really like this. I like the music that you make using found sounds. Like the one of your boys marching along.

    Any way to provide a straight link to an mp3 file that would make it quick and easy to post on facebook? The tiny link doesn’t do so well. I could just link right to the post – and will if that’s what you want – but wondering about making it really easy for people to click and listen.

  4. The Other Larry

    Nice, Keith. You went in such a great direction with this. Way different than what I imagined when I anticipated what I was going to hear. Thanks.

  5. Nancy Beranek

    Hey, that was really neat!

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