Canción en tren

I finally found a way to express my feelings, musically,
about the romantic Mexican guitar duos who serenade
the passengers on NYC subway trains. I hope you enjoy it.

Canción en Tren

Recorded on iPhone, uptown A train between 125th and 145th Streets
instead of reading my book.



Filed under Music, Senseless Acts

7 responses to “Canción en tren

  1. Gordon Atkinson


    Wow. Those guys are a long way from San Antonio. And apparently of the opinion that you can only properly tune these instruments in Texas. It’s time for a trip home, amigos.

    This one I will not be taking to church with me on Sunday for meditation!

  2. Tara

    Was there a spot where I wasn’t supposed to be cringing?

  3. Hey Keith:

    Ola from west side of California’s sunny Central Valley.
    Wow. Makes me feel like I never left my home town.
    Ahuacapan, Jalisco, Mexico to be exact. Google Earth it.
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your experience.


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