Song for a Monday

If the playback widget isn’t working, click here to go to the track.

Summer Song - Best in headphones - 4:15

Riff and commentary: Boy on left
Train status: Boy on right
Saxophone: Some guy across the tracks on the uptown side while
we were waiting for a downtown train.

Vocals and saxophone recorded on iPhone.
Thanks to Paul Heitsch for pointing out some mixing stuff.

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7 responses to “Song for a Monday

  1. GUY 1: I’ve never heard of (or “come across”)…

    GUY 2: No doubt!

    GUY 1: I’ve never heard of a song today…

    GUY 2: I have no doubt!

    GUY 1: Neither a Boricua (Puerto-Rican) song nor a Cuban one…

    —Other side of the fence while I was recording at Payson Playground.

    Translation courtesy Luisa Rios.

  2. SteveSurf

    This is awesome!!! Thank goodness I have a Mac and grabbed it.
    “Five Stars”

  3. This was fun. Heartwarming. Tuneful. Lotsa otherstuff. It led me to Rubidium. Mmmmrubidiummmm.

  4. YungFalbz

    Wow, just wow. Made my Wednesday cause I didn’t hear it on Monday.

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