A man was playing kora on a subway platform a few months ago. I found the recording on my iPhone yesterday and did this today.

Best in headphones.

If the playback widget isn’t working, click here to go to the track.

Kora: Guy on the platform at Columbus Circle
Orchestration: Me
Consider this piece an amuse-bouche before the next big course.

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3 responses to “Korakairos

  1. I love this, keith.

    Many years ago, I used to walk the streets with a large battery-operated tape-recorder under my coat.

    In Toronto, in the late ’80s, I played harmonica on a track a “found sound” artist was working on.

    It’s great now we have these tiny recording devices with us at all times. This inspires me to take up the hobby again.

  2. I didn’t realize I’d made a note of the kora player’s name. I believe this is him:


    I sent him a note tonight. Hopefully he’ll approve…

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