How to find a terrific InDesign production expert within 15 miles of Inwood, NYC

I USED TO do this thing where I had a roster of freelance clients (and the feast or famine that came with them), and along with that, I’d also take a long-term, part-time graphics job that didn’t get in the way of the feast and filled in the gaps during the famine.

My company, TYPEFLOW (I’m the only one here), has been doing production of trade show directories, books, and other long documents for a long time now, and in 2011, my book and ebook business absolutely took off. I mean, like, through the roof. Like busy.

Things finally took a breather this month, and I found myself drumming my fingers, looking at the economy improving, and thinking about that old system.

I want to get that going again. I liked it. It worked.

IN EXCHANGE FOR being my perfect situation, you’ll get an intelligent and highly skilled InDesign production person a few days a week—for the same price as that guy the agency sent. You know, the one you didn’t ask back.

When I’m not being a totally terrific production expert (yet charmingly humble), I’m a writer and long-distance cyclist, both of which I take seriously. I also take my seven-year-old twins seriously—though not so much when I’m holding them upside-down and tickling them. Still, they’re why I’m not interested in weekends.

So what I’m looking for is:

  • steady, with a predictable schedule,
  • 20ish hours per week,
  • no weekends,
  • within about 15 miles of Northern Manhattan,
  • where they don’t mind me showing up on a bicycle
    and have somewhere I can put it (it’s a folding bike),
  • and they need a skilled, professional production artist.
  • Oh, and aren’t a large bank, pharmaceutical corporation, or tobacco company. Sorry. I’m sure you’re nice people.

I understand you may need me to stay a little extra sometimes; you understand I may need to switch hours around sometimes.

What are you looking for? Drop me a line: noteon at mac dot com.

THE 15-MILE THING lets me get my riding in. Here’s a map showing the approximate area. (Click for a larger version.)

Commuting area to ideal job

That might look like too wide an area for a bike commute, but for perspective: Most days, I strap my laptop to my bike and ride to various Starbucks at the far edges of that oval, where I sit and work on freelance jobs. It’s my already-existing commuting area.

Resume: Lots of years of Adobe Creative Suite; know InDesign better than most people who get paid to use it; former Quark guru, now glad it’s dead. Very experienced in print and ebooks. HTML and CSS experience, but not that interested in web design, though I do enjoy working with web designers to create assets for sites. Lots of production-efficiency tricks; fast and accurate.

Samples: Please email me and tell me what you do there, so I know what samples to send: noteon at mac dot com.


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One response to “How to find a terrific InDesign production expert within 15 miles of Inwood, NYC

  1. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention:

    This worked. I’m now doing ebooks three days a week at Scholastic. If you buy Clifford the Big Red Dog for Nook or Kindle when it comes out? I fixed the damaged legacy art.

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