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Ebook meets audio–another one for the geeks

Another one for the ebook geeks–though it might be worth an eyebrow lift from audio geeks, too.

A conversation on Twitter between #eprdctn people turned to audio (because the new EPUB 3 has audio stuff), and the question of how to code lots of little audio files into your HTML came up. As it turned out, it’s possible to use one big MP3 file and just tell the ebook which region of it you want to hear, but interest persisted in my suggestion of pulling audio information from an Excel file and regexing that into useful code.

(Those of you who are still here–read on. The rest of you already left.)
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Quickly styling Word files for InDesign import

Dear eleven people who expect bicycles, novels, and six-year-old twins every time you get a “new entry” notification: This one’s for my fellow InDesign geeks from the #eprdctn Twitter group. You’re welcome to sit through it; just try not to let me see you sneak out during the presentation. It hurts my feelings.

The issue of quickly styling Word files to get them into InDesign came up during @bookdesigngirl’s #eprdctn roundtable this week. The word “nightmare” was used, since nobody ever knows what an author is going to do in a Word file. (Or anywhere else, but that’s a different therapy session.)

Since quick manual Word styling is part of the workflow I had to come up with to get around stubbornly uncooperative IT people who won’t export data in a usable form, I went oo! oo! oo! I know! I know! during the roundtable, and a couple of people said they wanted to know too. So I made two videos. The first shows what you do in Word; the second shows what you do in InDesign. They’re quick-and-dirty because I’m on deadline today. So naturally it was the perfect moment to make how-to videos.

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