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Reformatting a brevet cue sheet—a work in progress

THIS IS A work in progress that I only started because I wanted it, but if you’re a randonneur who wants to use it (or a randonneur who thinks something should be different, or an InDesign person who knows a trick I missed, or an Excel person who could let people do this easily without leaving Excel), please comment! Continue reading


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A Saturday 200K Brevet — Part 3½

Part 3½
(half-installment—more to come)

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.
Part 3 is here.


ANOTHER WORD WE use is randonnée.
It’s basically the same thing as “brevet,”
a self-supported ride over long distance,
which means we can’t get personal assistance
except at checkpoints, which we call controles.
In France, they use the circumflex: contrôles.
Americans delete the e: controls.
I guess in 1337 it would be spelled <0И72Ω135,
which is a forcéd rhyme, but irregardless:

Don’t ever ride away from controles cardless Continue reading


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Announcing the authors of RIDE 2!

…which, unless I think of an even more splendiferous title, will be called

RIDE 2: More short fiction about bicycles Continue reading

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